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Center for International Environmental Law (CIEL)

The Center for International Environmental Law (CIEL) is a non-profit organisation that aims at protecting the environment, promoting human health, and ensuring a just and sustainable society by the use of international law and institutions. It does so with the provision of a wide range of services, such as legal counsel, policy research, analysis, advocacy, education, training and capacity building.

CIEL headquarters are located in Washington DC with a regional branch office in Europe, located in Geneva. CIEL is a public-interest environmental law organisation. Its mission is to protect the global environment and human health while promoting sustainable development. CIEL provides legal services in international and comparative national law, including policy research and publications, advice and advocacy, education and training, and institution building. Its programmes cover areas including biodiversity, climate change, persistent organic pollutants, law and communities, human rights and the environment, trade and sustainable development, and international financial institutions and export credit agencies.

CIEL�s Geneva office focuses on the relationship between trade, investment, environment and development. Particular attention is paid to developments at the World Trade Organisation and the World Intellectual Property Organisation, with a view to reform the global framework of economic law, policy and institutions. CIEL also focuses on developments at the regional level, including the negotiation and implementation of regional and bilateral trade and investment agreements. Working towards a more balanced global economy that is environmentally sustainable and beneficial to all people in a more equitable way, CIEL provides support to national missions and intergovernmental and non-governmental organisations. CIEL also has a strong tradition of educating public-spirited lawyers and building institutional capacity through its teaching and training programmes, including its internship and fellowship programme.

CIEL is therefore involved in the development of IEL, as well as compliance (WTO, investment disputes, human rights issues). In terms of enforcement of IEL, CIEL is not directly involved in disputes before American courts. CIEL acts more as a support tool for interested parties. In the field of IEL, the topics relevant to the work of CIEL are: intellectual property law, adaptation to climate change, chemicals and the financial aspects of environmental law.

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