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Planet2025 News Network (PNN)

Planet2025 News Network (PNN) is a recently established internet news service with a mission to become a leading provider of reliable and actionable information, ideas, concepts, risks analysis and opportunities that relate current economic, social and environmental events to positive lifestyle choices that enable people, organizations and nations to live well within the reality of one planet.

PNN is a joint initiative of the Planet2025 Network -- a Washington DC based non profit entity with a mission to mobilize new and additional sources of sustained financing for investment in the maintenance and restoration of the globe's life-supporting ecosystems and the iNSnet Foundation -- a Dutch based initiative that established a global web based news service on sustainable development in 2002. The IES is also one the partners in the launching of the new service.

PNN forms an integral part of the Planet2025 Network's mission, but will be positioned as an independent news source for people and organizations around the globe who are interested to track and learn about the leading developments that will define humanity's transition to a sustainable future. PNN will also prepare for and support the introduction of products and services under development by the Planet2025 Network's Lifestyle program, including but not limited to the EcoSmartCard, its online Lifestyle Shop, and the Planet2025 Fund.

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