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Renewable Energy for Africa

Africa is a very rich continent; that is, in terms of resources. Africa is affluent in renewable resources that could power its development. From geothermal heat within its rift valleys, to the dozens of rivers and tributaries that could run microhydro systems; there is wind to be harvested on all its coasts and even possibly on the microscale within its interior, literally tons of biowaste that could be digested and utilized each day, and miles upon miles of deserts filled with some of the world's most potent solar radiation - enough to meet the entire world's current energy needs within a minor percentage of the Saharan desert.

In this internship report by IES intern Mallika Nair, nine potential renewable energy technologies for Africa are highlighted, using the abundant, non-polluting and non-depleting energy available from the earth, wind, sun, and water. For each energy an overview is given of how the latest technology works, its benefits, costs, and challenges to its use, including examples of pilot projects and rough assessments where in Africa it is most suitable for implementation.

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Author(s)Nair, Mallika
PublisherInstitute for Environmental Security
Place publishedThe Hague
Date / Journal Vol No.2009

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