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The Climate Quad: Geopolitics, Tactics and Quick Hits

Major Powers Re-assessing their Foreign and Climate Policies

Success in the on-going international climate change negotiations ?requires a deal between the USA, China, India and the EU? according to Tom Spencer, IES Vice Chair. Speaking at a recent meeting of the Council for Multilateral Business Diplomacy, Mr Spencer said that the need for such a deal ?not surprisingly reflects the current state of geopolitics, where all the major powers are re-assessing their foreign policy in the light of the emergence of a multi-polar world - a world in which the security of energy supplies and the impact of climate change on security are key building blocks.?

The meeting, held in Brussels on 18 June 2008, focused on the latest developments in the preparations for the G8 Summit and the Bali Action Plan and their potential effect on global business.

Mr Spencer said he believed an agreement amongst the Quad is possible around the principle of ?Contraction and Convergence?.

?In a world where food price increases threaten the stability of many governments, it is surely time that we recognised the impact of climate change on the security situation of countries faced by millions of environmentally-driven refugees or displaced persons,? Mr Spencer said.

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Author(s)Tom Spencer
PublisherInstitute for Environmental Security
Place publishedThe Hague
Date / Journal Vol No.18 June 2008
Pages3 pages

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