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Planet2025 Network

Planet2025 Network's overall mission is to promote new and additional sources of sustained financing for long term investments in the globe's life supporting ecosystems through education and awareness raising. The Network runs various practical initiatives in the realm of education for sustainable development.

Planet2025 News Network (PNN) is a global web-based news and information service dedicated to provide reliable reporting on the challenges, opportunities and risks of humanity's quest for and transition to sustainability. features contests and challenges empowering Generation XYZ (age 12-32 yrs and interested professionals) to be a driving force for positive planetary change. With users will create, upload, broadcast and share brief audio-visual content (audio-video clips) about innovative ways to achieve a globally sustainable lifestyle.

Organisation website ( Webpage - )

Contact Information

Mr Steven Lovink
Senior Advisor
1401 30th Street, NW
Washington, D.C.
United States
Tel : +1 202 333 8878
Fax : +1 202 333 8879


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