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Adelphi Research

Adelphi Research

Adelphi was founded in 2001 as a non-profit research organization on sustainability science and public policy consulting. Its multi-disciplinary team of currently 72 political scientists, lawyers, economists, engineers and environmental planners promotes high-quality, interdisciplinary research and strategic policy analysis, provides public policy consulting and training, and facilitates dialogue for donor and national institutions as well as among civil society in Europe and abroad. Adelphi is a lead advisor to the European Commission on climate change and international security since 2006 and currently supports the European Commission to implement its roadmap on climate change and international security (CCIS).
Through its extensive work in the area of environment, energy, climate change, natural resources and security, Adelphi has established an excellent network in the environmental, foreign and security policy communities among decision makers, scientists, non-governmental and advocacy organizations. Adelphi is recognized by international institutions, member states' governments and donor agencies as the leading think-tank and public policy consultancy on environment, natural resources, climate and security. At, you will find a selection on publications coming out of Adelphi?s Program on Environment, Conflict and Cooperation. Adelphi conducted cutting edge research on the interface between resource governance and conflict and climate change and security. Research projects range from case study analysis (comparative studies on nature conservation and peace building and transboundary water management and conflict transformation) to quantitative modelling and indicator development to explain climate vulnerability and resource conflicts. Adelphi runs the international clearing house on environment, conflict and cooperation ( Additionally, Adelphi has organized a number of high-level conferences on climate change, environment, energy and security including among others the European Conference on Environment, Development and Security 2007 ( ), the Freiburg Conference on Climate Change and Security in 2008 ( and supports the German government on the upcoming Arctic Governance conference (
Adelphi?s conference unit is specialized in policy dialogues, ranging from strategic and concept development to the facilitation and organization of larger conferences of up to 1500 guests. Annually, Adelphi organizes more than 50 conferences, hosts foreign delegations and conducts training on environment and development topics for senior executives around the globe.

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