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IES Prototype EnviroSecurity Assessments

Case Studies

EnviroSecurity Assessments developed by the IES and partners, are meant to provide decision makers in government, the private sector and NGOs with an array of practical decision tools, strategic maps and initial policy recommendations for globally significant flash-point areas.

Initial assessments should lead to the development, finance and implementation of multi-year EnviroSecurity Action Plans that seek to enhance global environmental, economic and human security.

In each case the aim is to identify the interdependency between conservation of eco-system services and poverty alleviation.

The three Prototype EnviroSecurity Assessments focus on the Matav?n area in the Colombian Guiana Shield Region, the Great Lakes region of Africa and Kalimantan, Indonesia. The full reports, legal analyses, recommendations, and related documents, as well as interactive GIS maps for each of the eco-regions, are available on line.

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