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Eco-Insurance for a Sustainable Future: A Contribution to the Johannesburg Plan of Implementation

This Consultation Paper and its Report on Initial Consultations with experts introduces Eco-Insurance for a Sustainable Future to a broader audience of stakeholders from around the world for comments and suggestions. It is the first step of what...

Eco-Insurance: Risk Management: Towards a Policy Framework for a Sustainable Future

Humankind?s failure to reinvest a portion of the monetary riches provided by nature back into the globe?s life-supporting ecosystems has produced a mounting deficit on the world?s ecological balance of payments. This deficit has now grown to be 20...

Environment and Security: Challenges for Change

Report on the Roundtable Workshop on Environment and Security at IUCN World Conservation Congress in Barcelona, 6 October...

Environmental Security: Vulnerability and Risk Assessment

On 5 June 2008, IES Fellow Chad Briggs led a seminar on environmental security at the London School of Economics, sponsored by the LSE and Fulbright Academy of Science and Technology....

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