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Adelphi Research and the IES have produced the following bibliography of key books and other publications on environment, security and related topics.

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Agenda Ya Wananchi: Citizens Action Plan for the 1990s

This document was adopted at "Roots of the Future: A Global NGO Conference in relation to the 1992 Earth Summit", Paris. 17 to 20 December 1991 where more than 1200 people from 150 countries...

Anatomy of Resource Wars (The)

In several countries around the developing world, abundant natural resources help fuel conflict, either by attracting predatory groups seeking to control them or by financing wars that were initially caused by other factors. Prominent examples...

Climate Change 2007: The Physical Science Basis - Summary for Policymakers

This Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report says that global climate change is very likely to have a human cause. The report said temperatures were probably going to increase by 1.8-4C (3.2-7.2F) by the end of the century. It also...

Climate Change and Conflict

This study commissioned by the German Ministry for the Environment, contains on the one hand the results of a comprehensive examination of potential security-related implications of climate change for different regions, and on the other hand an...

Conflict and the Environment

The end of the Cold War has opened up the arena for increased attention to other lines of conflict, both in Europe and globally. Environmental disruption - by no means a new phenomenon - is a chief beneficiary of the shift in priorities in the...

Development and Conflict

Currently, discussions of security are dominated by terrorism and Iraq. Important as these are, they are not the security issues that are most pressing for the populations of developing countries. Civil war has blighted the lives of many millions of...

Ecosystems and Human Well-being: A Framework for Assessment

In late 2003, the MA and Island Press published Ecosystems and Human Well-being: A Framework for Assessment. This volume lays out the assumptions, processes and parameters that were used in the...

Environment, Scarcity, and Violence

This research does not aim to identify all the factors that cause violent conflict around the world; rather, it sought to determine whether a specific factor ? environmental scarcity ? can be an important cause of violent conflict.

Environmental Change and Security - A European Perspective

Does a connection exist between environmental degradation, resource scarcity and violent conflicts? Global environmental changes, such as climate change and sea level rise, shortage of fresh water and rapid soil degradation increasingly highlight...

Environmental Change and Security Program - Report 10 - 2004

Since 1994, the Environmental Change and Security Programme (ECSP) has explored the relationships among environment, population, disease, economic development, migration, political stability, and violent conflict. ECSP brings international...

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