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Congo Basin region - Publications

Publications relevant for environmental security in the Congo Basin

This list relates to the Congo Basin.

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2005 Minerals Yearbook: Congo (Kinshasa)

This annual review is designed to provide timely statistical data on mineral commodities in the Democratic Republic of the...

2006 Minerals Yearbook: Congo (Kinshasa)

The Democratic Republic of the Congo played a globally significant role in the world?s production of cobalt and diamond. In 2006, the country?s share of the world?s cobalt production amounted to 38%; industrial diamond, 28%; and gem-quality diamond,...

African Wetlands of International Importance: Assessment of Benefits Associated with Designations Under the Ramsar Convention.

Wetlands provide a host of ecosystem services for local communities and are often considered "jewels" by the people who rely on and treasure them. Sometimes the value of these ecosystems transcends national boundaries, and many of these "jewels"...

Anti-Corruption Challenges in Post-Election Democratic Republic of Congo

Now that the Democratic Republic of Congo has held a series of elections that mark the end of the long transition period, new institutions are being put in place at the national and provincial levels. The paper retraces the enduring legacy of...

At Loggerheads? Agricultural Expansion, Poverty Reduction, and Environment in the Tropical Forests

Preserving the world?s rapidly shrinking tropical forests and improving the economic prospects of millions of poor people requires an urgent strengthening of national forest governance. Globally, this calls for strong financial incentives, says a...

Beyond Conflict: Reconfiguring approaches to the regional trade in minerals from Eastern DRC

The slow progress of a joint MONUC and FARDC operations against the FDLR in the second quarter of 2009 and continuing human rights abuses have increased the urgency with which the international community is seeking means to end the conflict in...

Carving Up The Congo

This report uncovers endemic corruption and impunity in the Democratic Republic of Congo's logging sector at a time when key decisions that will determine the future of the rainforests are about to be made by the World Bank.

Causes of food insecurity in Southern Africa: An assessment.

Regional food security is considered one of the major challenges for the Southern African Development Community (SADC) countries. SADC is one of the regions in the world currently facing widespread transitory and chronic food insecurity...

Change, Food Security and the Right to Adequate Food.

Climate change threatens to make the already difficult situation of food security in the world even worse. The Fourth Assessment Report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) ? based on the evaluation of many scientific studies ?...

China to seal $9bn DR Congo deal

This BBC article covers the details of the recent agreement between Beijing and the Democratic Republic of the Congo, which gives DR Congo $6bn of desperately needed infrastructure - about 2,400 miles of road, 2,000 miles of railway, 32 hospitals,...

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