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Promoting the Dialogue: Climate Change and the Quadrennial Defense Review

The Center for a New American Security (CNAS), an RBF grantee, has released a working paper, Promoting the Dialogue: Climate Change and the Quadrennial Defense Review. The authors, CNAS Bacevich Fellow Christine Parthemore and Research Assistant...

Regional Security Implications of Climate Change: A Synopsis

This paper is a synopsis of a broad range of studies that have been conducted over the past years on the regional security implications of climate change. The synopsis has been commissioned by the Directorate-General External Relations of the...

Renewed growth of atmospheric methane

"Following almost a decade with little change in global atmospheric methane mole fraction, we present measurements from the Advanced Global Atmospheric Gases Experiment (AGAGE) and the Australian Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research...

Report on the Implementation of the European Security Strategy - Providing Security in a Changing World

Five years on from adoption of the European Security Strategy, the European Union carries greater responsibilities than at any time in its history. ? The EU remains an anchor of stability. ? Yet, twenty years after the Cold War, Europe faces...

Rising Temperatures, Rising Tensions. Climate change and the risk of violent conflict in the Middle East

Climate models are predicting a hotter, drier and less predictable climate in the Middle East?a region already considered the world's most water-scarce and where, in many places, demand for water already outstrips supply. For Lebanon, Syria, Jordan,...

Security and climate change

Despite it being the most studied and arguably most profound of global environmental change problems, there is relatively little research that explores climate change as a security issue. This paper systematically explores the range of possible...

Security and Scarcity, the Two-headed Problem of Asian Hydropolitics

As the rift has widened between the Chinese government and the Tibetan leadership in exile during the past year, it is high time that innovative strategies be considered for conflict resolution. During a recent visit to the Netherlands, I had an...

Senate Takes Up Climate Change

"A pair of Senate hearings last week focused on jobs, national security, and carbon dioxide as senators continued to debate provisions in a House-passed bill on climate change. Six committees have jurisdiction over the bill, and two of them dug...

Solutions Not Yet Sought: A Human Security Paradigm for 21st Century Africa

The aim of this text is to challenge traditional thinking about what security means for Africa and explore solutions not yet sought in the form of a 21st Century human security paradigm.

Taking up the Security Challenge of Climate Change

Climate change, in which man-made global warming is a major factor, will likely have dramatic and long lasting consequences with profound security implications, making it a challenge the United States must urgently take up. The security implications...

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