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The new global security landscape: 10 Recommendations from the 2010 Security Jam

The online Security Jam?s goal has been to bring together actors across the entire spectrum of the international community to brainstorm on the changing nature of the 21st century security landscape. The overarching question was ?how can...

The Political Consequences of Climate Change

Over the medium term, climate change and security are not likely to involve simple causality and a stark, one-to-one correspondence. The more intangible third-order socio-political and institutional effects have not been fully appreciated. Only by...

The Third Pole

The Tibetan plateau gets a lot less attention than the Arctic or Antarctic, but after them it is Earth's largest store of ice. And the store is melting fast.

The Vulnerability of Energy Infrastructure to Environmental Change

Energy generation, extraction, refining, processing and distribution require a complex, interlinked, expensive and sometimes global infrastructure. However, much of that infrastructure lies in areas that may become increasingly physically unstable...

Tibet: Plateau in Peril

The article discusses the possibility that the glaciers of the Tibetan plateau could be melted by global warming....

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