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A large number of books and other documents and materials on environment, security, sustainable development and related subjects are included in the Action Guide. Several of them have been selected by Adelphi Research and IES to also appear in the separate Essential Reading List (ERL) available on this website. Information on publications includes references to the ES themes, subjects and geographical scope areas covered.


Publications are classified by subject. The graph below shows the number of Publications in the database according to the top six subjects.




Featured Publications

Overview of the Links between the Environment, Conflict and Peace

Issues Brief: Mainstreaming Conflict...

Recent Trends in EU External Action in the Fields of Climate, Environment, Development and Security: Report for the European Space Agency

This report was prepared at the request of the European Space Agency in order to provide the ESA with information on the evolution of EU external action in the fields of climate, environment, development and security. The main purpose is to advise...

Strategic Environmental Assessments: Capacity Building in Conflict-Affected Countries

The World Bank asked the Netherlands Commission for Environmental Assessment to prepare a first discussion draft on a potential role for a Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) in countries affected by armed conflicts, such as the Democratic...


Random Publication

A Draft Convention on Illicit Trade in Precious Metals and Precious Gems

EWI Senior Fellow Jonas Hartelius puts forward a draft convention to create a legal framework for transparent and responsible trade in precious metals and...

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