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International Organisations and other centres based in The Hague

The following organisations based in The Netherlands were consulted or researched in the Feasibility Study for The Hague Environmental Law Facility.

This list relates to The Hague Environmental Law Facility (HELF).

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Carnegie Foundation / Peace Palace

Carnegie Foundation / Peace Palace

The Carnegie Foundation is the owner of the Peace Palace in the Hague, which was founded in 1903 with a gift of over one million dollars from Andrew Carnegie. The Peace Palace is home to a number of international judicial institutions, including the...


CEDAR is an international forum for the implementation of economic, social and cultural rights and cooperates with development and human rights organisations in Africa, Asia and Latin America and their associated local, national and continental...

City of The Hague, The Netherlands

City of The Hague, The Netherlands

The City of The Hague is very active in the field of the protection of environment and international cooperation. Among others, the city takes part in the Eurocities project ? a network of 56 cities to co- operate in their efforts to promote an...

Dutch Supreme Court (Hoge Raad )

The Netherlands judiciary comprises 62 cantonal courts, 19 district courts, five courts of appeal, and a Supreme Court that has 24 justices. All judicial appointments are made by the Crown. Judges nominally are appointed for life but actually are...


Eurojust is a body of the European Union with legal personality and established in 2002 by Council Decision 2002/187/JHA of 28 February 2002 setting up Eurojust with a view to reinforcing the fight against serious crime . The main goal of Eurojust...

European Climate Foundation

The European Climate Foundation is an institution established in 2008 and focused on activities aimed at the mitigation of greenhouse gas emissions in Europe. Its main activity is the re-granting of funds to activities fighting climate change. It...


Europol is the EU law enforcement organisation which aims at improving the effectiveness and co-operation of the competent authorities in the Member States in preventing and combating terrorism, unlawful drug trafficking and other serious forms of...

Global Programme of Action for the Protection of Marine Environment (GPA/UNEP)

The Global Programme of Action (GPA) aims at the development of a conceptual and practical guidance for decision-makers at the national and/or regional level dealing with actions to prevent, reduce, control and/or eliminate marine degradation from...

Grotius Centre for International Legal Studies

Since 1999 a branch of Leiden University is located in The Hague, namely the Grotius Centre for International Legal Studies focusing on all aspects of international law. In the Grotius Centre, the expertise of Leiden University's Faculty of Law is...

Institute for Environmental Security (IES)

The IES is an international non-profit non-governmental organisation established in 2002 in The Hague, The Netherlands with liaison offices in Brussels and Washington, D.C. and other...

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