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Tom Deligiannis

Tom Deligiannis (Canada), is completing his Ph.D. in the Department of Political Science at the University of Toronto, working under the supervision of Thomas Homer-Dixon. His dissertation research is building on the tradition of environmental conflict research at the University of Toronto through detailed field work in Peru, exploring the impacts of human induced environmental and demographic change in Chuschi and Quispillacta, two communities in south-central Ayacucho, in Peru's southern highlands.

From 2005-2007, he was resident assistant professor in the Department of Environment, Peace and Security, working primarily in the 'Environmental Security and Peace' Masters programme at the UN mandated University for Peace, in Costa Rica. During the 2007-08 academic year, he is an adjunct professor at UPEACE. In addition to his teaching duties at UPEACE, he teaches a module on environmental security that is part of the University of Geneva/UNEP's short course on environmental diplomacy. In 2006-07, he was also project director of UPEACE's Climate Change and Adaptation project.

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