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Chantal Shalukoma

Born in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Chantal Shalukoma works since 1992 as a researcher for the Congolese Institute for the Conservation of Nature at the Kahuzi-Biega National Park, a World Heritage since 1980.

Educated in the DRC, Europe and USA, she is completing a PhD in Biology with a specialisation in ethnobotany. Her studies are focusing on medicinal wild plants used by the pygmees and the endangered Eastern lowland gorillas.

Chantal is also founder and coordinator of Horizon Nature, a congolese NGO established in the Eastern part of DRC in Bukavu since 1998. This organisation works on conservation and development issues in cooperation with groups of women, pygmees and young people around the forests in South Kivu. The challenge is to empower these vulnerable groups through the sustainable use of natural resources.

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