Issue No. 18   -  07  December 2010

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 IES launches a new initiative to share information on illegal trade in natural resources

The 'Resource Trade Network' (RTN) initiative follows the conference 'Illegal Trade in Natural Resources - What can Brussels do?' which was organised by the Institute for Environmental Security and a coalition of several civil society organisations on 29-30 September 2010 in Brussels.

Participants to the conference expressed interest in continuing information exchange about ongoing activities, publication of new reports and event alerts related to the topic of illegal trade in natural resources.

After analysing various options the IES is proud to launch the RTN-Facebook page. This initiative aims to put together practitioners and individuals who share a common interest for the issue of illegal trade in natural resources. The RTN being an open 'Community' page, there are no restrictions for joining and all 'members' are able to contribute.

You don't have a Facebook account? It doesn't matter, visitors may also check the page and access information, just like members!
Find out more about the RTN. Click on the following links for a step by step tutorial on how to join the network and for guidelines on how to use the network.
We look forward to exchanging with you on RTN!


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