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About IES

The Institute for Environmental Security (IES) is an international non-profit non-governmental organisation established in 2002 in The Hague, with representatives in Brussels, London, Beirut, California, New York, Toronto and Washington, DC.

The "knowledge and action network" was set up to increase political attention to environmental security as a means to help prevent conflict, instability and unrest.

IES Mission

The Institute's mission is: "To advance global environmental security by promoting the maintenance of the regenerative capacity of life-supporting eco-systems."

Its multidisciplinary approach integrates the fields of science, diplomacy, law, finance and education. Activities are designed to provide policy-makers with a methodology to tackle environmental security risks in time, in order to safeguard essential conditions for peace and sustainable development.

Key objectives of the programmes are:


Our mission and programme should be seen in the context of promoting international sustainable development goals and as a contribution toward long-term poverty alleviation as advocated in:

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