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Objectives of the Conference

On 17 February 2010 the Institute for Environmental Security, in association with the EastWeast Institute and within the framework of the Seventh Annual Worldwide Security Confererence, organised the workshop "Climate Change & Security after Copenhagen".

The arrival of both a new Commission and a new Treaty has led to institutional and personnel changes amongst many of those who have been dealing with issues of environmental security. Furthermore the outcome of Copenhagen has raised major questions about the future conduct of European Union foreign policy and climate policy. Given these upheavals we felt it would be useful to provide an opportunity for all those individuals and organisations working on the issue of Climate Change and Security to meet and re-group.

The purpose of the workshop was to re-state the importance of Climate Change & Security as an issue; to separate it from the discussion about the Copenhagen Accord; to identify an institutional home for the debate; to outline necessary research and teaching on the issue and to plan co-ordinated action in 2010.

The event was part of the IES Programme Climate Change and the Military (CCTM) in our Climate Change and International Security (CCIS).

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Materials and Presentations

- Marc Baltes - Climate Change & Security After Copenhagen (pdf)

- Christophe Bouvier - The Environment and Security Initiative - An international partnership for managing conflict and risk (ppt)

- Alexandros Papaioannou - Delivering Climate Security (pdf)


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